Almost October??

Once again another month as come and quickly disappeared without much of anything new happening with the blog. LOL. #pathetic

The truth is that I just don’t make the time to blog.. It’s not that I don’t think about the blog, or consider different things that I could be posting about, because I do. I look at all sorts of pins on Pinterest about blogging, blog post ideas, ways to make money with your blog, but the truth is I just don’t make the time in my day to actually type out a new blog post.

Sorry, not sorry. It’s the honest truth.

One of the things I want to do with the blog is just be real and be honest. My blog may not have much of a theme, but whatever. Let’s just be real.

Small Blog Update

Hello there! Just a quick update with what I’ve been thinking of changing up on the blog lately…

First! Just an FYI, my son starts school next week so that’s when I’ll really start getting some time to devote to working on the blog more often!

What kind of changes should you expect? I’m pretty sure I’ll be ‘hiding’ most of the older posts from public view and I will be changing up the direction of the blog at least a little. The sidebar will definitely be changing, say goodbye to just about all those ads you see over there! I want to get excited about blogging again. I want to have blog posts that at least include one picture, isn’t it so boring to just see a bunch of picture-less posts in a row?

Thanks for visiting, I should be back with new post(s) next week!

Blog Makeover?

I’m going to spend some time cleaning up the blog archives and deleting some old posts that I’ve deemed not necessary to keep. Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to switch up the blog theme while I’m at it!

I want to refocus on the main topic of the blog and just kind of fall back in the love with the whole idea of having a blog, you know?

EDIT 8/14:

You may have noticed that I’ve started to change up the blog layout, it’s pretty plain at the moment but I do plan to continue working on customizing it further :) Let me know if you encounter in difficulties in viewing the site please!

One Month of Summer

We’ve been on summer vacation (no school!) for a little over a month now, what have we accomplished so far??

We go to the library once a week for our summer reading program.

We’ve been going to baseball practices and games (almost done with that!)

We’ve gone on bike rides.

We’ve had a picnic lunch at least once.

We still work on school stuff at least a couple times a week (this is a good thing!)


Did you really think I was going to go through the whole month of July without posting a single thing? BECAUSE I ALMOST DID!

Hey, What’s Up?

This is our first official week of summer vacation in our neck of the woods, woot! I actually plan on doing a heck of a lot of school-type things with my son over the summer, especially in subjects like math, reading and writing. Yay parenting! I’ve even got him signed up for a reading program over the summer at the library, which I just think is going to be amazing for him because it’s one-on-one help with reading for 45 minutes a week, I’m excited for him to be able to get the extra help!! I’ve also got loads of worksheets for him to work on and he has a summer journal to help out with writing.

I’ve been feeling like lately I haven’t really been getting much done, so I’m thinking I want to get back to making to-do lists and hopefully that will help to kind of get my priorities in line and make it easier for me to be more productive! On a related note, I’m kind of in love with planners (in theory, at least) and would love to get one of those Erin Condren planners and decorate it with stickers and washi tape and use all sorts of pens, markers and highlighters BUT I just feel like it would ultimately be a waste of money. I’m pretty sure I’m one of those people who will be really great at using a planner for a week or two and then just kind of completely forget about it for a few months and then repeat that pattern over again. Ugh, why me?

Also, my house is a mess. Clutter everywhere. Mostly stuff which belongs to my husband and he will not let me get rid of any of it. Seriously. I think I’d feel so much better just to have a better organized, less cluttered place to live. Isn’t there scientific proof that people are happier with less clutter??

What’s been going on lately with you? Leave me a comment, link me to your blog, let me know what’s up!

Netflix to the Rescue

So it turns out that I finished Gossip Girl just in time for the 3rd season of Orange is the New Black to come out! Woot!

Image Source
Spoiler alert: I’ve already watched the entire 3rd season, and YES it is very good. ALL 3 seasons are good, watch this show if you haven’t!!

Now I just need to figure out what to watch next… LOL

I Think A Revival May Be In Order…

I wasn’t sure how long it had been since I last posted here so I had to double-check… May 11th was the date of the last post, that means it has been almost a month!! Wowie wow wooooow.

So what’s been going on? Well, I just 10 minutes ago or so, finished watching Gossip Girl (the entire series) on Netflix, so now I’m going to have to find another show to watch… I almost want to rewatch Once Upon A Time or The Vampire Diaries from the beginning again! Those are good shows, and both have recent episodes that aren’t available on Netflix and that I haven’t watched yet.. plus they still have more shows to be made in the future! So those are winners! Although, I do kind of want to start watching something new and different as well!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my traffic exchange goodness… just clicking my life away, it’s such a good way to spend all your free time if you’re interested 😛 Actually I’m planning to share more of my adventures with traffic exchanges on the blog in the future!

Anyway, I want to try and get my nails painted before having to leave to pick up my son, so I’m going to cut this post short. See ya again soon!

Conversations and the Future

I was catching up with one of the moms I met through my son’s school the other day (my son and her daughter have had the same teachers for the past two years) and she was telling me about how she had just finished writing her final exam for the course she’s taking, and that got us talking about what exactly it is that she’s going back to school for, how much it costs, whether or not she likes the program, and so on.

This was an interesting topic for me because going back to school is something that I’ve been considering doing, although I’m just not sure what program I’d want to go for and if I could make it work as far as having proper time to study, and still have time to be with my family, etc.

I’m still not sure what exactly it is that she’s going to school for, it has something to do with medical coding, but it did seem like something that I might want to do a little research on and think over as to whether or not it’d be a course that I’d be interested in perusing for myself. I do like the fact that she’s taking the course online and it’s only a 2 year course, plus the tuition fees sounded really reasonable. If I do decide to go back to school, I’ll definitely have to look into getting a loan to help pay for tuition costs. I’ll do some extra research and make sure I’m getting a loan from a company with good reviews.

Home Plans

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time then you probably know by now that I live in an older home; at least you should, I’ve mentioned it numerous times in the past few months!

Our home is small, and in need of many updates. The room that is top priority right now is our bathroom (yup, we only have one!).. it’s in pretty desperate need of renovation, I mean we have tape holding some of the tiles to the wall! TAPE!

We need to get the tiles redone on the walls and floor in the bathroom at the very least, and then maybe after the bathroom is done we could get in touch with Empire Renos at and see about getting a deck for the backyard?!

Hopefully with all the new home improvements we’ll deem our home worth staying in for a long time and won’t worry about having to contact movers like the ones at!

Natural Remedies

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I’ve become more and more interested in natural remedies for myself and my family. Whether it be a toothache, a sore throat, a headache or any other number of problems we may have, I find myself constantly searching the internet for a natural remedy that can help cure it.

Over the years I have considered doing various body cleanses, although I still have yet to actually try one. I think doing a cleanse would have to be beneficial simply because as you get older more and more toxins build up in your body and I think if that I did a body cleanse, especially an all natural one like the one that’s available from, that I would probably lose a little weight, have more energy and just generally feel a lot better about myself afterwards.

Leave me a comment: Have you ever done a body cleanse? What was your experience with it?

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