New Stella & Dot Favorites

I saw that Stella & Dot released some new products this month, so I went ahead and picked out a few of my favorite things!

 photo stelladotfaves.jpg
Products shown (clockwise from top-left): Grace cuff / Union Square scarf / Pouf / Double Clutch / The Waverly Petite – Breton Stripe

Of the products I’ve chosen here, the Waverly Petite stripe bag is definitely my favorite! You should check it out on the website to see just how versatile that bag can be!

If you are as interested in these products as I am, it’s a great time to consider becoming a Stella & Dot stylist! They have a special promotion going on in January only that offers new qualifying stylists a $199 starter-kit rebate PLUS an additional $100 in sample credit!! It’s am awesome deal! (Sorry I am getting this posted so late, there’s only a few days left to take advantage of this new stylist offer!)

FYI – This post contains affiliate links, I will earn a small commission from any purchases made through these links. Thanks!

Five Confessions #2

When I created my Five Confessions post on Wednesday last week, I had no idea there was such a thing as the “Hump Day Confessions” linkup! I guess now it’s destined to become a weekly feature here on the blog!

I still haven’t finished my first knitting project, a purple infinity scarf. It’s the finishing it up and connecting the ends together that’s scaring me off a bit… you know, the hard stuff!

I need more energy, please! I guess probably if I exercised more then I’d get more energy in return.. isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

I signed up with Fabletics and got my first outfit in the mail and I’m kind of in love with it! Now if only I had a spare $50 a month to keep up with the subscription!! Argh! I see a lot of *skipping the month* in my future, but it’s nice to have some new workout clothing!

I’d love to get up the nerve to go to a blogging conference of some sort in the near future… again, money would be an issue.. and I guess I’d have to go to and order myself some business cards first!

Making Melissa

Weekly Wishes #3

The Nectar Collective


  • Reach 10k steps on Fitbit at least 2 times. SUCCESS!
  • Spend some time putting my affiliate links out into the online universe. MEH! I signed up for a couple new programs, but never got around to putting out any links!
  • Clean up my Pinterest boards a little. SUCCESS! I basically deleted all my boards and started over, but whatever! (By the way, I lost a lot of Pinterest followers that way, so I don’t recommend it!)


  • Do Zumba workout on our Xbox One at least 2 times. Switching up the fitness goals!
  • Figure out which free image editing program I like best and start USING it! Pixlr, PicMonkey, something!
  • Continue reaching my daily Swagbucks goals so that I get the 31 day straight “Monthly Master” 300SB bonus! Sweet!

Good luck to you on reaching your goals for today, this week, this month and/or this year!


Currently Loving #2

The Happy Type

I’m feeling a strong desire to start collecting Funko Pop! Vinyl collector’s toys.. I keep seeing them EVERYWHERE!

And there are definitely ones that I would like to own… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Frozen, Up!, Beauty and The Beast… plus tons of others! Especially Disney ones! I just don’t really know anything about collecting toys, and it costs money and besides that, where would I keep them?!

Image from

Speaking of collecting things, I’m also interested in starting to use essential oils. I need to pick up a couple from one of my local health food stores and start experimenting with different ways to use them and see if it’s something that I’d be interested in using on a more permanent basis.

I’m kinda wanting to start a container garden this year, it’d be nice if I could actually grow some yummy fruits or vegetables right in our yard!

I am slowly getting more serious about my blogging and trying to make money online. I should probably think about ordering myself some business cards from… Actually, if I really want to get serious about making money what I should really do is contact Gary, from, since he does business mentoring. Heck, maybe he could help me get a Canadian patent on an original idea of my own! It’d be so much easier to have someone to mentor me about patents, rather than having to watching this video: and try to figure things out on my own!

What are you loving this week?!

Five Confessions.

Making Melissa

I like iced coffee probably a little bit too much.

I can not manage to get a screen capture pasted into the pixlr editor online app for whatever reason and it’s ticking me off. WHY!

I doubt I will ever come up with an original invention, although if I do I’ll be sure to use to help me get my invention patented and well executed. One day I shall be rich! By the way, do you know how to patent something? I think would be a good resource for help with that!

I signed up for a free trial subscription of, but I don’t think I’m cut out for listening to audiobooks. Having a hard time focusing!

I’ve started learning to knit. I’m making a purple infinity scarf. My husband thinks I must be 100 years old every time I knit, I tried telling him there are actually more people around my age who knit than there are 100 year olds who knit but alas, he is not convinced.

Weekly Wishes #2

The Nectar Collective


  • Grow social media profiles: Hmm… so-so on this one, I’m gonna consider it a success though! It’s definitely something that I’ll be continuing to work on though!
  • Reach 10k steps on Fitbit at least one more time:  SUCCESS!
  • Blog 2 more times: SUCCESS!

Hey, I’m feeling pretty awesome I reached these goals! Woo! Let’s do this again, shall we?!


  • Reach 10k steps on Fitbit at least 2 times.
  • Spend some time putting my affiliate links out into the online universe. (Is it super annoying of me to include that in my goals??)
  • Clean up my Pinterest boards a little, get to under 20k total pins.. LOL. How many total pins do you have on Pinterest? If you have more than 20,000 please let me know, it’ll make me feel sooo much better!

I think I’ll try to keep my goals down to just 3 a week, that feels manageable. By the way, if I had some extra money I’d make contacting one of my weekly goals to get some new siding and windows installed on my house! That’d be nice!

On My List Of Things To Do

You may not recall, but I mentioned that I had just gotten my permanent resident status in Canada a few months ago and actually, as of today, I now have health coverage as well. Woo Hoo! Hooray for universal health care! So getting set up with a family doctor and getting a check-up is one of the things at the top of my to-do list at the moment. I haven’t done any proper health check-ups or anything since almost 7 years ago when I had my son, so I’m sure there will be all sorts of fun things in store there for me! >_<

What should be next on the to do list after my health, is getting my teeth checked out. Although dental care isn’t included as part of the universal health coverage (you have to get your own separately) getting on and finding myself a good dentist will definitely be a good thing for me to cross off my to do list! You don’t even want to know how long it’s been since I’ve been to see a dentist….. YIKES!

And of course after that, there should be something fun next on the to do list! So maybe I’ll look into booking our family one of the costa rica vacation rentals on ???????? A girl can dream, right?!

Currently Loving #1

Ahh… another brand new linkup on the blog this week? Things are getting crazy around here!! /kidding/ This is the Currently Loving linkup hosted by Crystal over at, and yes, I am planning on doing these posts on a weekly basis. Sue me.

The Happy Type

With this linkup you just share the things that you are loving this week, whether that includes youtube videos, blog posts, things to buy or anything! So here’s what I’m currently loving this week:

This post from Emma @ A Beautiful Mess about 5 places she wants to travel in 2015: I’ll hopefully be putting together a post about my own places I’d love to travel here on the blog soon!

Kaelah just posted her new workspace reveal on her blog! I’m digging the pink desk, the lazy susan organizer and that honeycomb shelf!

Kallie from But First, Coffee posted her “5 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week” and I’m kinda loving her ‘lady corner’.. I wonder if I could takeover a corner of our small house and do something similar with it myself!

I have a vacation to Florida coming up in a couple months and I think one of these Victoria’s Secret Getaway Wrap Maxi swim cover-ups would be a nice thing to have! Sidenote: They don’t have this pink color available anymore…. disappointing. I hope they add more colors, because I really don’t care much for the current available choices!


Okay, that’s it for this week. What are you currently loving?

Weekly Wishes #1

A new year, and a new weekly blog feature?! This post will be part of the Weekly Wishes linkup hosted by Melyssa at The Nectar Collective.

The Nectar Collective

The basic idea is simple, every week you post your ‘wishes’ (or goals) for that week, and do a review of how you did with the last week’s goals. Ideally I’d get this post up every Monday.. we’ll let it slide this week (and forgive me for not posting at all last week) since I just finished doing a bunch of wordpress backend stuff. (You like this new blog theme, right?!)


  • Grow my new social media/influencer profiles, this includes Sverve (score: 23), Klout (score: 43), and the blog’s new Facebook Page (6 likes).
  • Continue to wear my Fitbit Flex and reach 10k steps at least one more time this week. #lazyblogger
  • Blog 2 more times.

I love reading about other people’s goals, so you should definitely let me know in the comments what some of your goals are!

Happy New Year!! (and Goals for 2015!)

Hello and welcome to 2015! Hope you had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve… personally I stayed home all night and just chillaxed. #partyhard

Seriously though, I did paint my nails last night just for the holiday… check it out!
New Years Eve Nails

Yeah, look at all the colors! And graffiti glitter topcoat over top! I swear I really am 31 years old. Also, excuse the unprofessionalism of my nail polish application… I know that can bother some people.

Now on to my goals for the year 2015!!

Blogging Goals:

  • Blog more often! Averaging 3 times a week would be amazing!
  • Connect with other bloggers! Leave more comments! Share loads of links!
  • Continue to grow my blog and social media accounts.

Personal Goals:

  • Attempt to earn $50 a month online with Swagbucks, surveys, affiliate links, paid blogging, etc! And once I reach that goal, attempt to earn even more!
  • Health goals: wear the Fitbit I got for Christmas, be more active, drink more water.
  • Continue crossing goals off my ‘101 in 1001’ list.
  • Make a real effort to reach out to my long-distance friends and family: call on the phone, write letters, I’d love to send out random surprise care packages.
  • Make some new local friends, and keep in touch with them as well!

Have you made any goals or resolutions for this year? Please share!