I don’t have a headache…

I’ve spent the majority of April feeling mostly miserable and with the worst ever headache in my life, day after day.. In fact, today is the first day in the last 10 days that I haven’t had a headache. And cross your fingers that one isn’t planning on developing again soon!! I am soooo over it! I’ve had the flu – fever and chills, muscle aches, that awful headache, and I pretty much just have been 100% out-of-commission for the last 10 days. Now, thankfully, it’s easing up and on it’s way out and I’m starting to get my appetite back, hooray!

The bad part about being out of commission for the last 10 days? The house needs cleaned something terrible! Ughh.. why can I not be some type of magical person who could just snap their fingers and the house would be clean? Or sing a sing and animals would come in to help? Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

I just feel like taking a nap.

After I got back home from taking my son to school this morning, I thought to myself that I was definitely going to blog today. Then I got on my husband’s laptop and went on swagbucks.com and proceeded to earn enough swagbucks to reach my (first) daily goal for the day and receive a couple extra swagbucks just for doing that… and all was i was watching a movie (I Love You Phillip Morris, for the 32342nd time or some such thing) on my ipad.

So now of course the movie is finished, and I’ve been messing around on the laptop in the meantime, and now all I feel like doing is taking a nap. Technology can be such a drain on life energy, do you ever feel that way too?

What a waste of a blog post.

Reading and Such.

Just a little bit of what I’ve been up to recently…

I’m reading “Inferno” by Dan Brown, I borrowed it from the library but I only get it for a week (they do that with the popular books that everyone wants to be able to read, this book just came out in 2013) and I have to get it finished and back to the library by sometime tomorrow or else they will start charging $1/day in late fees. Ugh, I really need to buckle down and get to reading because I still have almost 250 pages left to go!! P.S. I have read ALL of Dan Brown’s books and I can highly recommend him as an author if you are in need of some reading suggestions ;)

My son’s birthday is tomorrow and I bought a binder for him as part of his birthday gift, along with different colored highlighters, pencils with dinosaur erasers, a clipboard, and angry bird ink pens that I discovered at one of the local dollar stores. This morning I printed out a whole bunch (and I mean A LOT!) of free kindergarten worksheets I found online… I’m talking probably at least 50 pages printed front and back! Whew! and hole-punched them all and put them in his binder. I think he’ll enjoy having all the new stationary items, and I’ll enjoy him being extra motivated to complete some of those worksheets! It’s a parent/child win-win type of a gift! ha!

I’m hoping to be able to dye my hair today before having to go pick up my son from school, I really just need to touch up the roots but I’ll be doing an all-over color refresh, and just keeping the same medium blonde shade that I’ve had for a long time now. I don’t even know how long it’s been since I’ve dyed my hair, but it’s sure has been a long time!

I’m feeling bad that it has been so long since I’ve last blogged here, but I have been keeping busy!

Starting a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a really simple concept, you just write down a few things that you are grateful for each day. Of course you can make it a little more difficult, by trying not to list the same things more than once, or by setting yourself a higher standard and requiring yourself to list a higher number of items each time.

By keeping a gratitude journal, you are setting yourself up for a happier, less-stressful, more optimistic life; who doesn’t want that? There’s even scientific evidence to prove that keeping a gratitude journal can make your feel better about your life overall, be more optimistic about the future, and even have fewer health problems!

As luck would have it, I bought a two-pack of journals a year ago at CostCo and only used one of them — the journal that i wrote in and completely filled in 2013. So I just so happen to already have a blank journal just begging me to turn it into a gratitude journal; and it’s even better that I decided not to keep a traditional written journal this year, huh? Talk about meant to be!

If you are wanting to start a gratitude journal, you don’t even need pen and paper; there are apps for apple iOS products, for android users, or you can even record the things that you are grateful for each day through a free email service! Just type “gratitude journal” in the search bar of the Apple app store, google play store, or your search engine of choice!

I started my gratitude journal a little over a month ago as one of my ’101 in 1001′ goals, and I feel like every time I write in it I feel calmer and happier, so that scientific research must have been on to something good!

Why I Add Baking Soda to My Skincare Routine

Baking soda isn’t only used for baking! Did you know that baking soda is a natural product that can be useful in your skin care routine in many ways?

When used as a mask baking soda will help to remove oil over-secretion, minimize acne and remove blackheads.

You can add a small amount to your regular face wash and it will make it gently exfoliating and help to remove dead skin cells, or for a natural face wash simply mix baking soda and water!

If you add a small amount to your shampoo it can help to remove product build-up — making your shampoo be more effective!

Baking soda can be used as toothpaste, mouth wash, deodorant, dry shampoo, make-up brush cleaner, hairbrush and comb cleaner, body scrub, foot soak or detox bath, and there are many other uses as well!

Check out these articles for suggestions on how to use baking soda!
“Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda” on stylecraze.com
“15 Ways to Use Baking Soda in Your Beauty Routine” on thegloss.com
“51 Fantastic Uses for Baking Soda” on care2.com

Baking soda has been great for my oily skin! Do you use any natural products in your skin care or beauty routine?

Love and Life.

Have you ever been in a fight with one of your loved ones, and then soon afterwards they are all sweet and loving towards you, which is great, but you don’t want to be loving towards them because nothing has changed? Don’t you hate that?

That is what my relationship with my husband has been like lately; fighting over the same things and yet nothing ever changes. Okay, enough about my life, that’s not what this blog is supposed to be about anyway.

I have been finding it difficult to make time for blogging; and not having access to an actual computer (read: not tablet) to do it on isn’t helping matters either.

Is it funny that given the choice between a new computer (either desktop or laptop) or a new DSLR camera (which I’m also in need of, seeing as our current is old and not working correctly anymore) that I would probably choose the camera? I would rather have the camera first to a) capture family memories and b) to use for fun and enjoyment. I haven’t been taking any photos since that camera stopped working, and it’s been months, and it makes me sad to think about it!

What’s more important to you: a camera or a computer?

I made a 101 in 1001 list.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog yet, but I created a 101 goals to complete in 1001 days list that officially started on January 1st, 2014. I thought it might be better for me to have a longer time limit (I usually do yearly goals) and I always love looking over other people’s 101 in 1001 lists!

It’s already been 31 days and I don’t have anything completed from my list, although I do have a few things in progress such as: Learn 50 new things by clicking the random articles button on Wikipedia, Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen before starting with each letter of the alphabet, Listen to the Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 greatest songs of all time, and Be able to name all the bones in my body.

You can view my 101 things in 1001 days list here. I will probably be copying the list over to a new page on my blog eventually though!

A Few of My Particulars.

I’ve been buying more and more nail polish recently, and Revlon nail polish is my current favorite. I still prefer using Sally Hansen products as my base coat and top coat though.

I need to start buying some Spring colors of nail polish, as everything I currently own is dark and more Fall/Winter toned colors. Some nice light colors would be perfect.

I still eat tons of sugar. I love soda, I love candy and chocolate and anything else with lots of sugar. And I also drink tea and add a spoonful of sugar to that as well! I’m addicted — send help! I’m actually out of sugar at the house and I was thinking that instead of buying a bag of sugar (like you’d use for baking) that I might buy one of those bags filled with tiny packets of sugar instead, just for adding to drinks. I think that would help me to keep better track of how much sugar I’m adding to things, and if I want to bake something I can just use brown sugar for that. Really I just need to stop spending money on soda and candy, you know? Maybe one of these days I’ll get my sugar cravings under control.

I got a yoga mat for Christmas and I still have yet to use it. Is it my fault that we live in a small older home and that currently we have a puzzle set up on the floor of the living room that we’re working on putting together? That living room is small and that darn panoramic 1000pc puzzle takes up a lot of space!

What I really should be spending my money on is new clothes, and jeans in particular. The amount of clothing that I own is pretty pathetic, and it’s even more pathetic that I rarely ever actually buy any new clothes.

So I spend my money on nail polish, and junk food. What do you spend your money on?

How I Use Coconut Oil

Image source: The Project Mama – Project Fitness.

Do you use coconut oil? Do you know that coconut oil can be good for your health and has about a million and one different uses? Seriously!

Here is a list of ways that I have personally used coconut oil:
- as a body lotion / moisturizer
- as deodorant
- in place of chapstick
- as cuticle cream
- to treat dandruff
- as eye cream
- as face wash
- as a deep conditioning treatment for my hair
- on the ends of my hair to treat split ends and also to tame flyaways
- as makeup remover
- as massage oil
- as shaving cream

As you can tell from my list I have so far only used coconut oil externally; but now that I’ve just purchased my third jar of coconut oil I want to try using it internally also and I plan to start doing that by adding a spoonful to my smoothies, or using it in place of butter & oil in baking.

For an extensive list of ways to use coconut oil and why it could be beneficial to you check out this link:  333 Uses for Coconut Oil (and that site has loads of great info regarding coconut oil! click around!)

I have been using coconut oil for around 6 months now and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Yeah, About that…

I did mention that I wasn’t sure how often I’d be blogging in that post… and as it turns out it has been a couple of weeks since that last post! Ha!

I am typing this out on my ipad and will have to finish up soon as it’s just about time to pick my son up from school. Speaking of my son he has recently started taking weekly indoor baseball “training” and also weekly indoor soccer “training” — I say training because they don’t have games, it’s just going over the skills and techniques for each sport. He seems to be having fun with it!

As it is, I haven’t *gasp* missed blogging and have been enjoying all that extra free time that used to be reserved just for blogging.

Lets just hope the next post comes sooner than two weeks from now!